Have You Set Your Cover Charge?

Written by chellie

February 1, 2022

Have you set your cover charge? If not, I’m going to encourage you to set it now. 

Yes, you heard me….A Cover Change.

That’s right. Just like the entrance fee you’re charged at bars, nightclubs or restaurants.  

What’s a cover charge got to do with my career?

Now stay with me here. I know you’re asking “what does this have to do with my career development?” 

A cover charge carries with it the expectation of quality – whether entertainment, service  or food.  So why not set an expectation for what the company you choose to work for should offer? Why not insist on a culture where you’ll thrive? Why not view visibility in the workforce as a norm and not the exception? 

When you’re looking for your next career move, whether it’s an internal or external move, I’d encourage you to make a list of the things you need and expect. Don’t allow yourself to be shortchanged on pay or benefits because you’ve failed to research appropriate salary ranges. Don’t be afraid to ask for non-monetary perks as well such as flex-time or hybrid work-from-home schedules. 

What we know after the last 18 months is that people are rethinking what they value and companies must keep up if the want to continue to retain or attract high quality employees. 

Visibility is one way to increase your cover charge in the workplace

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Women, especially if you’re working in a very male industry, this is especially important for you. You set the tone for how you allow people to treat you. If you think of that “cover charge” as the feeling that your ideas or opinions are sought out in meetings, or that professional development opportunities are offered equally and often to help you build your network and grow your professional reputation, you can begin to see why it’s of value to your future career growth. 

Your cover charge should increase as your value inside an organization grows. Just like a private performance from Aerosmith would generate more of a cover charge than the local barbershop quartet, your worth increases with the skills and experience you gain. What was satisfactory for an entry-level position should increase as you grow professionally and move throughout an organization. 

If you want to make sure you’re getting seen and heard in the workplace, download my visibility planner and work through the questions found inside. 

Remember, no one will pay you what you’re worth – only what they think you’re worth. That’s why your “cover charge” matters. You have the power to control how they think and set your career course for a successful future. 

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