What turns a good feature into a great feature?

What turns a good feature into a great feature? Feature stories are some of my favorite pieces to write. They allow you the ability to really tell a story, craft characters and really engage your readers. Good feature stories get the job done, but with…

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Is it time to rethink your writing?

What is your job as a communicator? I’d say it’s to make the important information interesting enough to capture a reader’s attention. People respond to your stories on three basic levels: 1) intellectually, 2) emotionally or 3) visually. That’s where creativity comes into play. If…

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Don’t let interviews and speeches cause you to break into a cold sweat

    We talk every day. We answer questions. We provide details and information. We share sorrows and joys. So why is it the thought of giving a speech or interview make even seasoned communicators break out into a cold sweat?   If you stop…

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