Get Your ZZZZ's
You can’t focus, learn, or produce good work if you aren’t giving yourself time to recharge every day. I know all night cram sessions and frat parties that last until sun up are considered college norms. Your ability to successfully navigate class, work and life diminishes when you are feeling tired and run down. It’s important you get enough sleep so that you are sharp and energized for the days ahead.
Lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling groggy and out of sorts it also puts your emotions on edge. Sleep gives you brain a chance tochick clique recover from the day. Your mind sorts out problems and find solutions while your body is at rest.  In the dream states, we work through issue and things that that have disturbed us.  It’s the time you do a mental reset. It improves memory.
Lack of sleep can even put a strain on your relationships. If you aren’t feeling your best, or if you’re grumpy from lack of sleep, you’re not going to be fun to be around. You’re less likely to miscommunicate or misinterpret information when you have the required amount of sleep. Sleep makes your more patient too.
You’ll be healthier if you get enough sleep too. There’s so many “bugs” that get passed around the dorms, in the classroom, and in sorority houses, that you need to do everything you can to remain healthy. Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways you can prevent illness from setting in. Sleep deprivation affects your immune system.
You’ve got to make sleep a priority. Just like you plan your class schedule, you need to make sure you are planning for adequate amounts of sleep too. Think of sleep as one of your steps to success. Try to pick a consistent time to go to bed each night. You’ll feel better if you get up around the same time each day too. Staying on a regular schedule allows your body to perform at its’ maximum level of effectiveness.  Aim for at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Turn off cell phones and devices so that you aren’t distracted by the notifications while you are winding down. If you must sleep with a TV on, use the sleep timer so that you don’t have the noise or light all night long. If you still have trouble sleeping, try diffusing lavender or other essential oils to relax and set the right mood for sleep. If thoughts keep you up at night, try journaling before you go to sleep. Getting it all out on paper, can for some, allow them to turn off the thoughts and get a good night sleep.

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