Blogs, websites and social posts all have one attention getting feature in common.
Photos and images are what draw in readers and hopefully entice them to read the rest of your article or post. The great news is most of us have a great tool within our grasp all day long. It’s one that enables us to capture interesting, usable images with just one touch – our cell phone.
So many of us miss great photo opportunities because we are always in a hurry. Stop and take a minute to look around your surroundings. You don’t have to travel to exotic spots to get awesome images for your website. Look at all the things in your everyday life. Make a conscious effort to slow down and capture what’s there. Meals, family, shopping, local architecture – great shots are all around us and provide great content for our digital media.
Be aware of the background when you are shooting. Make sure there’s not a lot of clutter or weird light. Make sure you shoot vertical and horizontal.
Once you’ve snapped that pic, it’s time to play with cropping and editing to get just the right look. You can take a bland image and really dress it up. There are so many great easy to use photo apps just waiting for you to download. These can make editing your pictures a breeze.
Some of the best apps I’ve found are:
Photo FX
Camera +

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