Don't let burn out beat you

There will always be times in your career where you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Maybe you feel like throwing in the towel and moving on. Instead of letting those feelings drive you away from a career you enjoy, here’s some ways to re-ignite your passion for the job.

  1. Think about what you’d tell a co-worker who was experiencing the same thoughts. Sometimes it’s easier to give advice rather than take it. There are times you must push through and move past the setbacks. Ask yourself what tools or techniques you’d suggest for them to use to get through a hard time. Think about why you chose the career or activity initially. Remind yourself of your why.
  2. Grow your skills. You will always be a work in progress. Learning a new skill not only improves your value as an employee, it allows you to see there is still a lot you can learn.
  3. Find your rhythm. Are you a morning person? Schedule time for difficult tasks then. Are you most creative after lunch? Set your meeting with the web designer then. It’s up to you to learn how to work smarter.

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