Use the holidays to recharge

use the holidays to recharge
Finals are over. You’ve cleaned out the dorm room. The goodbyes have been said. It’s Christmas break. Fall semester is over. You’ve survived. chickclique
Emotions run high this time of year. Pile on the excitement of Christmas and the stress of finals and moving back home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With a little planning, you can use this break to come back ready for a successful semester.
Catch up with family and friends. Homesickness is real. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are human. Now’s the time to reconnect. Spend time with those who matter to you. When you get back on campus, remember to schedule time for family. Pick a time each week for a call home. Facetime so they can see you are doing good. It’s not like being there and eating mom’s cooking, but it’s a great way to get through until the next trip home. Besides, it gives your parents peace of mind to. Remember, they miss you too.
Catch up on some sleep while you are home. Between cramming sessions and late-night fraternity events, we all know you aren’t sleeping like you should. Use this time at home to give your body a break and the rest it needs.
Get a part time job. There are so many businesses offering seasonal work. This is a great chance to make some extra money to stash away for the unexpected opportunities that might come up during the spring semester. If you can find one that relates to your major that’s even better.
Prepare for the next semester. Treat yourself to some little things like new school supplies, a new planner and desk accessories.  Get a head start on required reading. Most professors will have the syllabus up for their classes. Use this time to get ahead. Make sure your financial aid is in place before you leave campus so that you aren’t coming back to an unwanted surprise.
Before you pack the car for your trip home, make sure your housing is firmed up.  If you will you be changing dorms, roommates, or making changes to your apartment lease, get all of this done before you leave. There’s nothing worse than arriving on campus and finding out you don’t have a place to sleep.

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