Managing High Job Expectations

Written by chellie

December 21, 2021

Do you have a boss who expects nothing less than perfection?  Managing high job expectations can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible.  You simply need to develop coping skills so your stress never gets the best of you.  In fact, you can learn how to deal with the stress of high job expectations in a way that allows you to become more effective at your job!

How to Manage Your High Job Expectations

There are many tools that can help you deal with high job expectations.  The goal is to handle your job expectations more effectively, so you can feel better and accomplish more in less time.  For those with a boss who always expects the best, this is a must!

  • Prepare for the stress.  When you know you’re going to be stressed out or that expectations will be high, you can proactively prepare for it to take the debilitating properties out of the equation.  For example, if you’re worried about the uncertainties that can’t control, involve others to find out the answers. If it’s literally impossible to predict, then all you can do is accept the fact that you can’t control everything and make some contingency plans that will help you feel more confident and comfortable.
  • Rehearse for stressful situations.  For instance, if you know that you will be making a presentation in front of an audience or that you have to present information to your boss, rehearse your presentation using the same materials you will use for the real deal. This will allow you to see your areas of opportunity, so you can work on gaining the confidence you need.  When you rehearse, you take the unknown out of the equation, so you can simply focus on doing your best without adding any additional anxiety.
  • Be aware of your thought processes.  Many times, when there are high expectations placed upon us, we start thinking negatively.  For instance, when your boss is being demanding, you may think to yourself, “There is no way I can ever get that done! I’m incapable!”  This kind of self-defeating talk gets you nowhere. You need to replace the negative thought processes with thoughts like, “Stress challenges me to do more and be more.”  You will be able to excel when you disallow any negative attitudes and replace them with empowering thoughts.
  • Organize your work.  When you create an action plan, you’ll find that it’s easier to deal with high expectations. Create a list of the things you need to get done, and prioritize them so if you start to feel distracted or stressed out, you can always defer to the plan.  When you have a plan, your performance will live up to your expectations and you will find that you are less likely to give in to stress and frustration.

As you can see, there are some simple, yet effective, ways to deal with high expectations. Remember: when people expect a lot from you, it really means that they believe you’re capable of great things.  It’s actually a compliment!

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