How To Improve Office Morale with Gratitude and Teamwork

Written by chellie

December 23, 2021

We all desire recognition for a job well done, especially as members of a team. As a team, each person works together toward a common goal. Now instead of working together, imagine a team where each person was only interested in their own, separate little interests. Would you be able to get anything done?

Of course not!

When you’re working within a team, you have to put personal interests aside and focus on the collective. If you don’t, tempers flare and trouble ensues. Teams composed of members who can’t put differences aside don’t win. Put simply: you won’t achieve the success you want if you aren’t focused on the common goal.

United We Stand – Teamwork Tips

The key strategy to boost office morale and team productivity is to stand strong behind your common goal. By creating a unified front, you will be able to work together, instead of pulling apart.

Here are some teamwork tips:

  • Appoint a team leader to oversee the progress and to keep everyone motivated to finish the project on time.
  • Assign jobs according to the strengths of each team member. People naturally procrastinate when faced with a daunting task they’re uncomfortable with, so divide the work accordingly.
  • Praise team members for a job well done. Acknowledge each person’s hard work and dedication, and be sure to pass along any positive feedback from clients or upper level management.
  • Set up a team reward upon successful completion of a project. Money doesn’t have to be the only motivating factor to spur your team. Maybe it’s time-off, a gift basket, or a trophy.

Get an Attitude of Gratitude in Your Office

How can tension within the office be turned around? Gratitude. Yes, it really is that simple! Each member needs to felt appreciated for his or her contributions and value added to the team. Imagine a football team. If the quarterback isn’t grateful for the offensive line who blocks for him, the wide receivers who catch his passes, and the running backs who he can hand off the ball to, he will not have confidence in his teammates. This lack of confidence will show up as miscommunications, blown plays and lost games. The same things happen in the office!

In reality, an office setting is very much like being on a football team. You have to show gratitude to the:

  • Administrative assistants who keep things organized and flowing
  • Salesmen who bring in new profits for the company
  • Human resources representatives who bring in new talent for you to work with
  • Marketers who make the company known
  • Managers who coach, inspire, and lead
  • Staff who tackle the finer details and makes things happen

Everyone plays an important part of the team, which is why we all need to appreciate one another in order to get things done! After all, without each other, where would you be?

Gratitude Leads to Effective Teamwork

Once you’re grateful for the skills and talents of your team members, you’ll begin to appreciate how each part of the puzzle is important for the overall success of the team. You may even discover a renewed excitement about your job and all the projects your team can accomplish.

  • Let others in the office know how you appreciate their time, talents, and hard work. Send out emails or mention specific names in the company newsletter. Let your team know you care about them as people and not just as workers.
  • Encourage your workers to start up office clubs or activities that everyone can enjoy as a group. Doing so will help you get to know each other on a more casual basis.

Remember: it all starts with acknowledging how grateful you are for the talents of those around you. So take a moment today to say “Thank You!”

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