The ARC Characteristics of Top Team Players

Written by chellie

February 28, 2024

A story arc is a time-based plot in a novel or a movie. It’s a storytelling element that takes you from one set of circumstances or environment to what is often a drastically different reality. You’ll find it used in comic books, board games, video games, and movies. Often, many times a lesson is taught.

The person at the end of a story arc is vastly different from the beginning. They accomplished seemingly impossible things. The main character in some story arcs starts out as a regular Joe and ends up as a hero.

As someone who is an author as well as corporate culture champion, I love this comparison. If you want to become a hero in the workplace, that employee who’s highly regarded and rewarded, that’s definitely possible. Just like in many popular stories and movies, you don’t have to have any special skills or abilities when you begin your journey. Embracing the following ARC characteristics of top team players can make your workplace story one you can’t wait to experience.

  • Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Understand Your Role
  • Promote Collaboration


Being a good team player is all about understanding the big picture. Unfortunately, many employees spend too much time looking at their workplace that way. They forget to clean up their own environment first.

In other words, they don’t hold themselves accountable for their responsibilities and the results they create. These people are always making excuses and rationalizing why they somehow turned a report in late or failed.

Being accountable means being honest with yourself and owning up to your shortcomings. How can you help your team if you don’t have enough self-pride to admit when you’ve made a mistake? That type of mindset means you could start laying blame on others when you’re the person that deserves criticism.

You grow as a person when you admit your mistakes. You can also learn from your errors. Your boss and coworkers respect when you stand up and say, “I messed up.” Personal accountability is the sign of a productive team player and future leader.

Understand Your Role

You may have big dreams about your career. That’s good. The achievement of anything big requires a big vision. Remember that you have a certain role you’re playing with your company. If you don’t fill that role effectively, your company will find someone else who will.

You might have a lot of skills and abilities that can advance your career in the future. You’ll never get a chance to do so if you don’t effectively understand and fulfill the role that you’re playing on the team now.


The most valuable team players respect different opinions and ideas. That’s at the heart of collaboration. You join your fellow team members to brainstorm the best solution for goal achievement. You work together rather than apart.

These ARC skills can help you write the story of a dream career. They can take you from an entry-level position to a vital role on the team that your company values and rewards highly. They are a few of the most important qualities of employees that understand the importance of a team-first attitude for workplace success.

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