Team Members Know the Best Ability Is Availability

Written by chellie

March 13, 2024

Talk to the coach of a team sport, and they’ll tell you that the best ability is avail-ability. Putting skills aside for a minute, the best thing you can offer your team is that you’re always available. You are always there. You’re thought of as the most dependable team member.

You’re not one of those employees who cash in personal time as soon as you accrue it. Can you come in on your day off? Of course, you can. You always have a team-first attitude. That helps your company, but it also helps you as an individual.

Imagine that you’re never available. Your boss asks you to stay late, and you always say no. You burn up personal and sick time as soon as you get it. Your vacation time never sits in your benefits account very long. As soon as you get it off, you go for another week-long journey away from your job.

Now fast-forward a few years.

Has your boss promoted you? Probably not. You might achieve low-level advancements, but you’re certainly not regarded as someone who’s trying to benefit the company. There are many reasons to believe you’re still going to be in the same position you are right now.

Then imagine the opposite scenario.

You’re a team-first type of person. You’re always available and dependable. You come in on days when you’re tired or not in the best of moods. You don’t mind working late every now and then. Time off is precious to you, but you realize that your company might need your help on those days from time to time.

Get back in that forward-moving time machine. What does your job look like? You probably advanced quite a bit. Certainly, your salary is much nicer now.

With those advancements come more benefits like more time off and a bigger crew to work under you. This means your personal responsibilities are fewer, but your importance to the company and your pay structure is probably higher.

The Team Members Who Are Available Have Better Workplace Experiences

Make yourself indispensable, and your workplace experience will be just fine. Bosses take care of the people that make them look good. That means being available when needed.

Career advancement, happiness on the job, less stress, and more control over your career path are all benefits of availability in the workplace. Availability is a cornerstone of the most productive and rewarded team players. And it might just be the easiest workplace skill to develop.

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