If You Hate Working with a Team, This Might Be Why

Written by chellie

March 20, 2024

Do you like your job? A lot of people don’t. That’s an unfortunate but true statement. Many of us work jobs primarily because of what they do for us, not because we’re in love with them. They deliver income that lets us provide food, shelter, and safety for our families. You don’t need to love your job for it to offer all of those wonderful benefits.

Maybe you don’t mind your personal job. The responsibilities you have are just fine with you. You’re happy enough at work, but there’s a problem. You’d rather work alone than deal with other people most of the time.

If You Don’t Like Working As a Team Member, It Might Be Because You Resent the Achievements of Your Coworkers

People that prefer jobs of solitude might just be hardwired that way. Sometimes, a person who isn’t the best team player may not realize the personal rewards of working closely with a group. Productive team players can realize the following benefits.

  • You have many more opportunities. The more you interact effectively with other people, the more doors will open to you. Your circle of influence grows as your peers move and advance throughout your company.
  • Help is always there for you. Team players back each other up. When they need help, they ask for it. They’re also giving help to their fellow team members whenever it’s required. Embrace a team player attitude, and you will find fewer workplace hurdles you can’t overcome.
  • Career advancement gets a boost. Owners, managers, and bosses love team players. They know these people will do whatever it takes to achieve the company’s goals. That’s why people with strong teamwork skills have a better chance at career advancement than employees who don’t.
  • Your personal skills and abilities can blossom. This comes from you collaborating with others. You can learn things from your coworkers about how to work more effectively and productively. They can teach you skills you didn’t previously have, making your job more rewarding personally and financially.

Choose Celebration Instead of Resentment

The next time you feel yourself resenting the achievements or abilities of a coworker, stop yourself. Understand that this is a great opportunity to connect with a productive employee. You can learn a lot from that person. Choose to celebrate their achievement rather than resent it.

When you resent others, you limit your growth. You decide to rationalize that there’s some reason why they accomplished what they did and that you’ll never get similar accolades. That begins a mindset where you only do enough to get by, and that’s stifling. Team players celebrate the successes of their peers, who will likewise congratulate you for your workplace achievements.

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