Brand You
Your brand reflects your personality and the services that you offer to your clients. It’s the first impression someone has of you. The right brand will draw clients to you. Crafting an irresistible brand takes time and thought.
Think about your unique style and personality. What are your personal values? Do you have a particular style? What is your personality like? How do you want others to perceive you? In blunter terms, I urge you to be the polka dot bra in the sea of beige. Your brand must ignite and excite your potential clients. You have one shot to make that first impression.
Put some serious thought into who your ideal client is. Make sure your brand appeals to their needs and shows them that you are the answer to all their needs. They will make assumptions based on your marketing materials.
Be clear on what you can offer. Make sure you aren’t promising something that you can’t deliver.
Make sure everything you put out for public consumption reflects you. Your website, social presence, newsletters – everything reflects your brand. Develop images and color pallets and stick to them. All of this contributes to the consistency of your message.
Your brand not only represents where you are now, it also gives people a vision of the future. If they stick with you, it assures them they will be getting consistent now and down the road.

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