The explosion of digital media has opened the door to more and more communications. It has leveled the playing field. Even small budgets can afford digital promotions. Using a digital platform to create actionable messages and engagement requires no less thought than traditional means.

You need to: keep your message simple, keep messaging actionable, and keep it relevant to your audience.

You’ve got to think about how your message will be displayed. Make sure that headlines don’t break across multiple panels. Make sure your visual works in all platforms. Use a program to design specific to the medium you are using.

Make sure your call to action is visible at all times. Make it clear and concise. Use words that mimic the action you are requesting — learn more, see why, read more, watch now. Never use “Click here!”

Engagement come through emotion. You have a lot of options available. Experiment with video and other ways to create that connection with your target customer or audience.

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