The P's and Q's of Time Managament

P's and Q's of Time Management
You can do all you need to do and still have time for yourself.
Elaina Zucker said learning the “P’s and Q’s” of time management can be helpful. In “The Successful Woman’s Guide to Time Management” she lays it out for us.

  1. Peak periods – do strenuous tasks during the time of day when your energy is the highest. Schedule other tasks for low energy times.
  2. Quit – know when to stop. Spending hours on something that could be done simpler is a waste of time. Don’t waste time trying to make it perfect.
  3. Pace Yourself. Work at your own speed. Learn to work better, not harder.
  4. Question – ask yourself “What is important to me and what is the best use of my time right now?”
  5. Prime time – set aside specific times for certain chores or tasks. Discourage anyone from interrupting you during that time.
  6. Quirks- respect your quirks. If you work best at night, then do it.
  7. Be selective about the people you allow to make demands on your time. That way, you’ll have more time for the people you’d like to see.
  8. Quality – spend whatever time you need to produce quality. If you are going to do a project, do it well.
  9. Progress – keep a list and cross off items as you finish.
  10. Quiet time – schedule time alone. It’s important to organize your thoughts. Meditate. Plan.

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