Your voice matters. Protect it!

Written by CPhillips

August 17, 2017

You can find a lot of information about putting together a memorable speech or killer presentation, but there’s one part of the process you might not have thought about – your voice. No, not the tone of your presentation, but your actual voice.  It’s the most powerful selling tool you can use.
So, whether you are presenting a webinar or podcast, or delivering a presentation to a potential client, these tips will make sure your voice is in peak performance mode.

  1. Drink plenty of water before the presentation or event. Room temperature water is better than cold water.
  2. Great speakers (especially those highly paid professionals) do vocal exercises to warm up their vocal chords and increase the strength of their voice. It will give you more control over you voice, even when you are nervous.
  3. Stretch – loosen up your neck and shoulders. We naturally carry tension in those areas. You want to appear at ease when you are making a presentation. You can also stretch your mouth and tongue. Tension can make your voice higher pitched when can come across as less knowledgeable.
  4. Work on your breathing. Learning to control breath is a great speaking skill. No gasping breaths. No running out of air when you are delivering a key point.
  5. Watch what you eat on the days prior to your presentation. Limiting alcohol is a no brainer. You want to be sharp and ready, but it also dehydrates you which can make you sluggish. Watch dairy foods.
  6. Be careful with medication. Taking antihistamines can dry out your mouth.
  7. Practice speaking with energy. Find that sweet spot between projecting and yelling.
  8. Get plenty of sleep leading up to a big speech. At least make sure you get a good rest the night before your big day. Put your phone on do not disturb. Turn off your distraction devices.
  9. Dress comfortably. If the room is cold, think about a scarf to help keep your neck and vocal chords warm. If your pants are too tight, you’ll find it hard to breath. This will come across in your delivery. Comfortable shoes are a must too, especially if you are on stage. You don’t want to be concentrating on what hurts instead of your next point.

These simple tips can have you ready to deliver a powerful, clear speech and leave the audience wanting more.

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