Can you hear me now?

Cell companies aren’t the only ones asking that question. Are people hearing what you say when it really matters? What about in difficult situations? Are you able to communicate even in an uncomfortable situation? Think about this scenario. In a meeting, you speak up and…

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Attitude determines outcome

One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that each of us have the power to affect the outcome of any given situation, even if it’s just in a small way. The emotion or feeling you put out, has a direct impact on how someone…

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We read faces, not hearts

Do you think of yourself as a brand? You should. In today’s digital world, whether you like it or not, everything you post creates an image of you in someone’s mind. You may be the type that throws up your middle finger and says “I…

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Do you have a plan for when “it” hits the fan?

When it goes really wrong, do you have a plan? Anyone who has a business needs a crisis communications plan. That plan should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated with potential new threats. Your plan should address at least the top five things…

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