We read faces, not hearts

Do you think of yourself as a brand? You should.
In today’s digital world, whether you like it or not, everything you post creates an image of you in someone’s mind. You may be the type that throws up your middle finger and says “I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” You may be the type that sits at home counting the likes because you care too much about what someone thinks. Either way – each comment, picture, video, share – reflects who you are to the world.
Now with the use of Facebook Live exploding and the other social channels following along, video is becoming an even more powerful tool. Moving images have much more impact on people’s perceptions than just words or pictures.
People take just mere moments to make their first impression of you. If you want people to react to your message, you must be likable. So, what gives some people the ability to have an emotional impact on you and others to not even register on the radar?
First, you need to know that people make these determinations based on vocal delivery and visual presentation.
38% of people base their opinion of you based on your tone of voice. The way words come out of your mouth can destroy your personal brand. Are you confident? Clear? Unscripted?
55% comes from the visual, or your facial expression. If you have RBF, you’re need to practice in front of a mirror before you go on camera. Learn what a relaxed, open and welcoming expression feels like. You may have the most genuine message, but if your expression doesn’t match it, no one will be moved by it.
Just remember in today’s world, there’s always a camera. Someone is always watching you. People make instantaneous decisions about whether you and your message are believable, credible and something that should be acted on. Remember … people don’t read hearts, they read faces.

Source: Tommy Karam 

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