Belief – your hidden weapon

We’ve all heard that what you put out into the world you get back. I’m a firm believer in that. The more positive you can put out, the more you’ll get back into your life. I’ve been known to write notes to myself on my mirror. Each morning when I’m getting ready, that affirmation or goal is front and center in my mind.
Beliefs shape our directions. That hope will fuel you on the path to your dreams. Watch when the words “no”, “can’t” or “won’t” slip into your vocabulary. Yoda put it perfectly. “Believe you can or can’t; you’re right.”
A lot of people allow their beliefs to limit their potential. You can convince yourself that something won’t work out before you belief quoteever even start. You’ve got to keep the negative from poisoning your efforts when you have goal in mind.  If you’ll spend just 30 minutes each day doing something that focuses on moving you closer to a goal, you’ll be surprised at how productive you become.
Visualization can be a powerful tool to help focus those beliefs. If you can picture in your mind where you want to be it will help you get there. You can also create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure if you picture yourself failing. See yourself completing the different stages in your journey. See yourself overcoming challenges. You’ll carry that energy forward and be able to use it to your advantage.
Vision boards can be a great tool to help you see where you are headed. You can have boards for different areas in your life. I like to even add words to mine. Images are great, but words have power to me. I mix inspiring quotes or just single words in with those pictures. What you focus on and dream about will become your reality.
Don’t be so quick to judge yourself harshly. Maybe your timeline isn’t moving as fast as you like – but is it moving? You need to remind yourself not to compare your journey to that of someone else. You aren’t seeing the difficult parts they overcome, just the finished product.

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