Anyone can be a leader

Do you have a heart? A brain? Eyes? Mouth? Then I say you have everything you need to be a leader. Are you willing to accept yourself and others? Can you help someone else do the same? When you take the time to discover and develop the gifts and talents you've been giving, you open … Continue reading Anyone can be a leader

The idea assembly line

In today's business world, it's often called brainstorming or focus groups; but I like the assembly line concept. It keeps thoughts moving forward and allows others to contribute to the success. Ideas only become reality when they are fleshed out. This can be especially useful when developing your story. Begin with identifying what you are … Continue reading The idea assembly line

The Golden Rule of 3- and other speech writing tips

I'm going to let you in on the three secrets of speech writing. They are: Substance, or what you say Style. How you deliver and the words you choose to use. Impact . Did the speaker make a difference in the audience? Does it have a call to action? But before you write the first … Continue reading The Golden Rule of 3- and other speech writing tips