Feedback helps you grow

Feedback helps you grow
You’ve completed a project. You’ve tracked the results. In your mind, it’s a success. However, you haven’t really heard anything from your client or boss. So how do you know?
You’ve got to ask for feedback. That’s not the same thing as asking for a pat on the back. It can provide real value, especially if you’ll be working for this person on additional projects.
Before you ask, make sure you have a specific set of questions in mind. Ask questions like “in 3 sentences or less, describe any reservations you had with the project” or “list 2 things you found most beneficial.” Frame your requests as opportunities to improve for the next project.
Make sure you portray that this feedback is important to you. Don’t devalue the request by couching it with phrases such as “if you have time” or “feel free to tell me.”
With proper feedback, you will grow and create a better team environment.
Set a deadline for the feedback request. Follow-up if you get no response.
Turn that feedback into action and you’ll continue to be a valued contributor for many projects to come.

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