Communication is an essential leadership skill

Written by chellie

December 22, 2022

The ability to communicate allows you to share your vision, or ideas with rest of the world. Most often this will be accomplished either verbally or written.

A lot goes into being a capable communicator, but if you can effectively convey your messages, then you have the basics covered.

That is vitally important for a leader, because who would follow someone who can’t properly explain:

  • What they believe in
  • What their goals are
  • What they expect from you

A leader might not be a dynamic public speaker, but they need to be able to convey their ideas. They could have the best ideas in the room (or world!) but if they can’t explain them, who cares?

That is the proverbial no-brainer, right?  Obviously, the ability to communicate effectively is vastly important in your daily professional life.

Have you ever been somewhere you don’t speak the language and try to get your point across any way you can?  Isn’t it the most frustrating feeling ever?

For most of us, everyday we are dealing with other people and trying to get across some point. We need to be able to express our feelings to other people. More importantly, we need to be able to do it in a way that doesn’t offend and allows us to get what we want more easily.

I don’t mean lying or manipulation! We simply need to be able to convey our (complex at times) thoughts in an easy to understand manner.

Whether you are sending a text or email, making a call, or running into your neighbor on the elevator, the ability to communicate is important. Every single day you will need to communicate with someone in some manner, so you better know how to do it effectively!

Communication Exercise

Depending on who you are, this might be the least enjoyable exercise you do. In this exercise, your goal is to prepare and deliver a talk to your employees highlighting the culture you envision for the workplace. Terrifying right?  For some of you, I am sure it is. However, you don’t need to jump in front of a huge audience (although that would help). Instead, you can deliver this speech in small groups, or even make a video to post on your internal platform. Ideally, you will reach at least a few people, so you can receive feedback on whether you conveyed your message properly or not.

First, you need to choose a message that you want to convey.

My Message:

ex. I value the contributions each employee makes.

Now focus on 2-3 points that will help you convey that message.

Key Points:




Ex. Supervisors are being trained as coaches to help you achieve, our goal is to help you achieve your career ambitions

Next, you will want to choose your audience because as any good speaker knows, you need to know your audience!

Choose an Audience:

Ex. I am going to send a video to my leadership team

Now the hard part – you need to write your speech! 

Remember that the goal of this speech is to convey the message you chose, using the main points from above. i won’t leave the space here to write your speech, but use a notebook or your computer to finish this exercise.

Included below is a very basic speech outline that you can use.

Intro – Establish the message, tell them what you are about to say.

Key Point 1

Key Point 2

Key Point 3

Conclusion – Recap your main points, summarize your message and include a call to action (aka what people should do next)

Once you’ve written your speech, all that’s left is delivering it to your chosen audience.

Break a leg!

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