6 ways you can make International Women’s Day, everyday

I believe it’s vital for women to pay it forward and be supportive of each other and the work (both professional and personally) each other does. We need to share what we learn along the path and not hold it tight. We need to light the path for those younger women beginning their climb, so their voices and ideas can shine. Remember, we don’t have to be perfect at what we do. We just have to be perfectly us doing it.

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Socially connected communities thrive

Our leadership groups project dealt with social connectedness and how that feeling translates into the health of a community. Social connectedness is simply studying how people feel about the relationship they have with others - from your spouse, to your kids, to your co-workers and your neighbors. Experts point out the more satisfied people are with their relationships the better they feel about their communities and the more engaged they are in what happens there.

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