A lot of life’s drama is self-imposed. By avoiding it from the beginning, your first years in college can be the start of a lifetime of celebrating the things that make you uniquely you. So how can you get started on the right foot?
Be authentically you. Sounds easy, right? But we all get caught up in trying to please friends, teachers, and parents. A lot of people spend chick cliqueso much time putting on the “right” face for the “right” group, that they begin to lose what makes them unique. Make sure you let your light shine through. Allow your creativity to surface. Don’t limit yourself with someone else’s boundaries.  Make sure your actions reflect who you are.
Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t play the comparison game. You are you. If you are afraid to share your beliefs or ideas because you fear their judgement, you need to look for a different group of friends. True friends accept your differences and revel in the differences that make you, you.
I’ve seen many women struggle with a need for validation. We want the perfect grade; the perfect outfit; the perfect body; the perfect relationship. We allow drama to seep in when we let other’s opinions of how we measure up cloud our view of ourselves. When we finally realize how someone else sees us is their issue, not ours, we can let the drama go and begin to live.
It’s important to own what sets you apart from others. Use these differences as a strength. Don’t follow the crowd- lead it. Give yourself permission to be you. No one else can do it. When you have the courage to be you, you’ll feel an inner happiness that radiates and causes the right people to gravitate to you.

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