Reflections on Leadership

At the Newseum, sitting in front of the 9-11 display or walking by a piece of the Berlin Wall, you can’t help but realize that leaders don’t run away silently. Leaders have to act. They are usually the first ones who run toward a problem and give voice to those who have lost theirs.

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Are you offended yet?

This is not one of my usual posts. There are no tips or tricks. These thoughts have been on my mind. After the ridiculous way the Trump/CNN/WWE tweet is being bantered around, I just can’t keep silent any more. As long as people have been…

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Growing Engagement Through Youth Programs

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the webinar I conducted for the Cooperative Communicators Association today. As promised, here’s the 8 question cheat sheet for planning a youth program.  (handout-growing-engagement-through-youth-programs) Youth programs are a great place to tell your story and build a future member/customer…

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