Has fact based reporting met its demise?

There’s a general distrust of all public institutions now. The media and politicians lead the pact on the distrust meter though. We now assume everyone (politicians, news media, etc..) are going to lie to accomplish their goal. We see all lies as the same. We don’t just think of them as exaggerations of information. Most people feel like they only receive select information - not the whole story. That select information is provided to move you to a certain viewpoint, not move you toward the truth.

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Socially connected communities thrive

Our leadership groups project dealt with social connectedness and how that feeling translates into the health of a community. Social connectedness is simply studying how people feel about the relationship they have with others - from your spouse, to your kids, to your co-workers and your neighbors. Experts point out the more satisfied people are with their relationships the better they feel about their communities and the more engaged they are in what happens there.

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