One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that each of us have the power to affect the outcome of any given situation, even if it’s just in a small way. Attitude Determines OutcomeThe emotion or feeling you put out, has a direct impact on how someone else will react to a situation or event.
You must get excited if you want someone else to be. And if you aren’t feeling it, you need to act your way into being excited. Bruce Hamilton (, shared how using just 6 simple principles can make sure you never have a bad day again.

  1. Outlook determines outcome. If you think the day sucks, guess what? It does. Look for the good in the situation. What you put in your mind is what comes out.
  2. Work harder on yourself than anything else. If you aren’t finding ways to improve your skills, then you are missing the mark. It’s our own responsibility to continue to grow and learn.
  3. There are no “good” bad days. Don’t bring others down by pulling them into your issues. Don’t be a part of the problem by spreading gossip or hurtful information. You won’t make yourself feel any better by making someone else look worse. Focus on fixing you and you’ll be way better off.
  4. Be ready to respond, not react. Go ahead and think through situations that arise in both your professional and personal life. Plan for how you will handle yourself in these situations. Know what you believe in and be comfortable with your ability to express it.
  5. Be careful what you say. If you tell someone something, make sure you follow through. If you give false information, make sure you correct it as quickly as possible. It’s hard to gain back trust once you’ve lost it.
  6. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. We’re all in the people business. If you spend time connecting with people, you’ll be successful in all areas of life.

Make sure you get up each day determined to be excited about the opportunities ahead of you.Attitude Determines Outcome

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