Do you have a plan for when “it” hits the fan?

When it goes really wrong, do you have a plan? Anyone who has a business needs a crisis communications plan. That plan should be reviewed on a regular basis and updated with potential new threats. Your plan should address at least the top five things…

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How to get their attention and keep it

Whether it’s your blog, direct mail, email or a brochure, you’ve got to make sure the benefits of your company or product are front and center. Don’t bury the information that customers need to make decisions. Few people read every word. Make sure your headlines,…

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Is it time to rethink your writing?

What is your job as a communicator? I’d say it’s to make the important information interesting enough to capture a reader’s attention. People respond to your stories on three basic levels: 1) intellectually, 2) emotionally or 3) visually. That’s where creativity comes into play. If…

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